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Zach Dechant by Peak Sports Performance Podcast

Central VA Sport Performance Podcast 242: An Instagram Live Q&A with Zach Dechant
Sprint Jump Throw Podcast: Episode 3 with Zach Dechant
The Pinnacle Performance Podcast • Zach Dechant – Pelvis/Ribcage Biomechanics, Common Errors in Baseball S&C, Grip Strength/Readiness Correlation, & Why your Recovery Strategies Might not be Optimal
Lee Taft Performance Podcast: Episode 42: Importance of Foundational Movement (With Zach Dechant)
Coaching in Quarantine: Interview with Zach Dechant
The Farm System Episode 63: Zach Dechant, TCU
The Gestalt Performance Podcast with Tyler White – World Pitching Congress: Zach Dechant
CVASPS The Podcast – Episode 203 with Zach Dechant – Movement Over Maxes
Whistle and a Clipboard Episode #197: Zach Dechant
ABCA’s Calls from the Clubhouse Podcast Episode #58 with Zach Dechant
Ahead of the Curve Podcast with Johnathan Gelnar
Building Better Athletes Podcast with Dr. Stephen Osterer
The Strength Coach Podcast Episode #248: Movement Over Maxes
RBI Performance Podcast Episode #23
Iron Game Chalk Talk Episode #275: Zach Dechant “You Are Either Coaching It or Allowing It”
Patrick Jones Baseball Episode #100: Learning Proper Movement Patterns and Training Properly with Zach Dechant

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